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We are local professional drivers who offer their services on the island of Rhodes for more than 30 years , our services include private tours and excursions with limo Mercedes-Benz cars and transfers all over the island. We would like to believe that our services are the ones that if you choose will make your stay unforgettable, the reason, we are passionate about the island, we all grew up here and because of that every single street and hidden special place is known to us and so in your reach. We are people who travel the world ourselves but the love for our island always brings us back with more stories to tell. Trust us when we say there is always something new to visit on the island that you never thought existed.

We do believe that when you visit a place the best and most proper way of enjoying it is at the hands of someone local, who will show you the beauties and history at your own pace , actually visiting and not rushing through, actually caring and not another scheduled visit. That is the way we do vacation ourselves and it always was an amazing experience.

We made this website so people can find us easier, even though in Greece and especially Rhodes island, word of mouth is usually better, that is because when you talk with someone local you will always see that passion for the island on their words. We want you to see that yourselves.

We have drivers that speak all sorts of languages such as German , French , Spanish , Italian , Russian , every single one speaks English fluently.

All our drivers are licensed professionals from the ministry of Transportation , we are members of the only Taxi and Limo Services company on the island RTLS and we are members of the Taxi owners association.


Thanks for visiting our island, we hope your stay in Rhodes is memorable and that we can be a part of that beautiful memory.